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We know your time is important and there are many demands upon your time. But if you have some time assistance can always be used supporting our Reading Achievement Program.


“A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove. But the world may be different because I was important in the life of a boy.”                     - Forest E. Witcraft






Volunteers are needed at the VA Montana Health Care System at the VA Medical Center, Fort Harrison, in Helena the Miles City VA Nursing Home and Montana the Veteran’s Home Columbia Falls. If you have time and want to become involved in a program that will give you a feeling of self-satisfaction and pride; knowing that you are helping those who cannot help themselves, contact us.


We are able to support, scientific, literary or educational purposes; to dispense charity, both public and private; and to encourage and promote free public education and schools through endowments, grants, scholarships, and fellowships.



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